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Drawing on the other side


I recently had to quit my RA-meds, again. The side-effects (loss of appetite, moodswings, headache, and extra hairloss) got so bad that I couldn’t take it anymore. My doctor and I discussed it and we decided to take a break from medication and see how that goes.

So far, not as fabulous as I hoped. Pains and swellings have returned, minor ones so far. This did however gave me an incentive to train my other hand some more. I’ve done this off and on the past few years and decided to make a bigger effort now. I have cooked (mostly) with the other hand, even chopping veggies, and I did some sketches for my Inkblobs. They don't look very well but they also don't look too bad. I can't seem to draw circles yet, and my 'straight' lines look like bacon strips.

It'll take a while ;)

In need for a goal. A clear goal.

I need a goal. I've been drawing more (will post actual drawings and sketches and doodles soon) recently, but where does it go? Though I like drawing for the sake of drawing, I also want to do more with it, but I have no clue what. Boyfriend said I should make a book, like Danny Gregory or Michael Nobbs. Well, he actually called them 'them lot' cause he forgets the names.

This sounds nice and all, but I feel I should have some kind of message, or something to say at least if I do that. I guess I don't really feel like I have that much to say (and you wonder why I still talk so much...).

I need a clear goal badly. Do I want to publish (self-publish) a book with my drawings? Should it have a theme then? What do I talk about? Where am I going with all this?

Warming up.

I drew my new waterbottle. In just about 15 minutes, the 21st SketchCrawl will start. I decided today to participate, although I won't go out and meet people and draw with them. Too ill still, so my participating will consist mostly of couch-drawing. Still, I want to try it, spend the entire day (or at least most of it) drawing and sketching. As a warm-up, I've drawn my waterbottle.

Spend most of the day cleaning up to prepare. So I better draw ;)

A Christmas card for all of you

imgI haven't sent out cards in years and I don't mind at all. I get a few, but less and less each year. Reciprocation plays a big role in the Christmas-card-business ;)

However, I wanted to post a digital one, one I made years and years ago (actually had them printed too, last time I sent out real cards). So there you go. My Christmas-card to the world, very personal ;)

img In my search for it I found another image I had forgotten all about, but did not want to leave out.

Happy stuffing! :)