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In need for a goal. A clear goal.

I need a goal. I've been drawing more (will post actual drawings and sketches and doodles soon) recently, but where does it go? Though I like drawing for the sake of drawing, I also want to do more with it, but I have no clue what. Boyfriend said I should make a book, like Danny Gregory or Michael Nobbs. Well, he actually called them 'them lot' cause he forgets the names.

This sounds nice and all, but I feel I should have some kind of message, or something to say at least if I do that. I guess I don't really feel like I have that much to say (and you wonder why I still talk so much...).

I need a clear goal badly. Do I want to publish (self-publish) a book with my drawings? Should it have a theme then? What do I talk about? Where am I going with all this?