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A Christmas card for all of you

imgI haven't sent out cards in years and I don't mind at all. I get a few, but less and less each year. Reciprocation plays a big role in the Christmas-card-business ;)

However, I wanted to post a digital one, one I made years and years ago (actually had them printed too, last time I sent out real cards). So there you go. My Christmas-card to the world, very personal ;)

img In my search for it I found another image I had forgotten all about, but did not want to leave out.

Happy stuffing! :)

Christmas - back in the day.

imgFrom my earliest Christmases I don't remember much. I know we had a tree, I know this one time my sister and I both got the same doll. She got the yellow one, I got the pink one. I still have it, in a box though. In the years that followed we always had some sort of tree, and decorating it would result in a big mess cause we'd forget to put the lights in first, or they wouldn't work and we forgot to check. We'd also have hot chocolate with it. As a tradition, we (the kids) got a plate full of candy and snacks, a German tradition I think. We'd exchange the candy we didn't like and it had to last the entire Christmas-break. We could eat it all in one day, but that would mean no candy for the rest of the time. Excellent tradition! :-)

One thing I also remember fondly: getting knitted jumpers my mom made in the weeks before. She'd sometimes let us pick the colour, but no more than that. This month I've thought a lot about starting to knit (usually I crochet). Digging through my harddrive I found this little drawing I made years ago, about knitting. I stil like it. :-) Considering patching it up a bit though.

Back from the hospital.

Drew my IV in the hospital.

I got released from the hospital about three weeks ago and have stayed at my parents for a while. Right now I still have a lot of recovering to do, and I haven't drawn as much as I wanted to. I did however make this one drawing in the hospital when my IV once again got shifted from one arm to the other. All went well, no complications during surgery and only a minor pneumonia after (which caused no problems). I went home after 9 days with a feedingtube still attached. Recovery will take time, hopefully I can spent much of it drawing.


Needle Some time ago I started doing my own injections. The weekly trip to the doctor's office did cost me too much energy, plus, I needed a bit more than just once per week. I asked about self-injection and they explained to me how it worked and immediately let me do it. After a few tries there, they gave me everything I needed to do the shots at home. I've had a few moments, in which I felt pretty light-headed and mostly thought 'Why did I want to do this!', however, mostly it goes pretty good. I feel proud of myself, I have conquered my fear of needles.


Summer .

After winter comes... summer! At least when I draw it :) When I turned winter into summer I decided to create an image for all seasons. I still have to work on fall and spring.


Winter . A sketch made during the time I had to wait for my food in some restaurant turned into a soft digital drawing. I very much like how this turned out.

Shop and shirts

Chocolate robot Men Spreadshirt Chocolate robot Men

I went and created myself a shop on spreadshirt (both the .com and the .net version, the first one going to a US version of it and the second one to a European (german) version, with minor differences between the two).


I also went a little nuts with my little robot-drawing. I put him on nearly everything I could find. So far, I've only added him to the US shop due to limitations (only allowed to upload 3 vectordesigns). I'll have to see how this shop-thing works out, but I do plan on adding him to the eur-shop, cause I want him on my shirt!

Dog Toy

Dog ToyNano loves this toy, we play with it on a daily basis. She learned to catch it in the air (sometimes) and gets really excited when I take it out to play.

Found my little booklet

new drawingsAfter some searching I managed to find my little booklet. I got out my pens and started drawing. I had a hard time drawing my keys. My dog kept on interrupting me because she didn't like that I had more attention for my silly pen and some paper than for her. She tried chewing on my pen while I drew and I finally managed to distract her long enough with some treats.

Backpack . I've had this backpack for I while, but had never drawn it before. During a cleaning-spree I found little Kenny-the-keychain and hung him on my backpack. He frequently suffers attack from my dog and other dogs, that love to check him out, leaving me screaming "OH MY GOD, DON'T KILL KENNY!!". I don't scream too often though.

Very happy with how the backpack turned out.

Hand-carved rubberstamp

My first carved stamp. A while back I ordered some tools for carving. I also bought a rubber eraser to carve in. My first try-out for a hand-carved rubber stamp turned out pretty good.

Redesign and some refound images.

Longings . With the year nearly to an end I decided to redesign my web-site. I quite like how it turned out, even though some things may not work as I liked (oops).

I wanted to put more things I made on my web-site, so I searched my hard-drive for images I had previously made. I stumbled into this one, I like it a lot.