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Christmas - back in the day.

imgFrom my earliest Christmases I don't remember much. I know we had a tree, I know this one time my sister and I both got the same doll. She got the yellow one, I got the pink one. I still have it, in a box though. In the years that followed we always had some sort of tree, and decorating it would result in a big mess cause we'd forget to put the lights in first, or they wouldn't work and we forgot to check. We'd also have hot chocolate with it. As a tradition, we (the kids) got a plate full of candy and snacks, a German tradition I think. We'd exchange the candy we didn't like and it had to last the entire Christmas-break. We could eat it all in one day, but that would mean no candy for the rest of the time. Excellent tradition! :-)

One thing I also remember fondly: getting knitted jumpers my mom made in the weeks before. She'd sometimes let us pick the colour, but no more than that. This month I've thought a lot about starting to knit (usually I crochet). Digging through my harddrive I found this little drawing I made years ago, about knitting. I stil like it. :-) Considering patching it up a bit though.