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Under the kitchen sink...

Well, I guess I feel brave enough to post before and after pics.

[Under the kitchen sink, before

I love those boxes on the left. I put rarely used things in that big box and sorted my rags into smaller ones. Normally I prefer boxes over baskets but with the cleaning supplies I made an exception because I may want to carry them to a different spot (although that won't happen very often, the basket seemed more practical)

Coat and bagAnd as a bonus, I got a new coathanger. My very own Ikea-hack as I used a Ikea Grundtal rail meant for the kitchen.

Cleaning out my closet.

On friday I purchased some rollerboxes for under my bed, but they wouldn't fit so I had to return them. I then found out my favourite storing boxes will be on sale (and actually purchasable) in a discount supermarket nearby on Monday and though I won't get out my sleepingbag and sleep in front of the store to get them, I will make sure to go there on Monday. As an extra I found out that a discount store for home-stuff sells them as well, and currently don't have any in stock because they were on sale there last week.

Yes, I have an obsession with plastic boxes and yes, I have a very specific obsession. When find ones I like I want to have just those for certain purposes. For food-storage I use Ikea's Pruta because they're small containers hold exactly the right amount of food for me.

I also label my boxes, so I know what I can find in there without having to turn them upside down. Even with the transparent boxes this helps a lot to quickly find what I need.

Now, on to declutter the cabinet under the sink. If I feel brave I'll post before and after photos later on.

Make your handwriting into a font.


As long as I've had a computer I wanted to turn my handwriting into a font. I made some attempts to do so, but they failed due to lack of proper programs. Today I stumbled upon yourfonts.com ( through Drawn! ) and they offer just that.

Print out the form, fill it it, scan, upload and downnload your font. It took about 15 minutes in total. And it looks so cool :D

Firetruck fun

Firetruck at work Today at work we received a visit from the fire department and two of their trucks. I got to spray a hose while the firewoman stood behind me to make sure I wouldn't tip over (hehe).

We also went onto the ladder, the kind with wich they get people from burning buildings. We went up to roughly 25 metres (of the 35 possible) and then my fear of heights kicked in and I asked them to stop.

And now I feel annoyed because, damn, 35 metres, I could have done that! So, next time, all the way up.

Super mini-Cthulhu.

img img

So I finished super mini-Cthulhu, that will hang an on a keychain. He will enjoy that! I made him about half-size compared to his big brother, who will work perfectly as a bag-hanging toy.

[gallery link="file"]

Pocket cthulhu.

Pocket cthulhu. I tried my hand at a pocket Cthulhu and it worked out pretty nice. Next try-out will involve a key-chain cthulhu, smaller but Scary! Or at least, I'll try. Cthulhu will get you...

Meet Grimm, aka 'Pocket Death'

Meet Grimm aka 'Pocket Death' The itch didn't go away with pocket ninja, so I made pocket death and named him Grimm. I spent quite a few hours on him, tweaking, redoing and hurting my hands, but I just had to finish him. I will now give myself a few days rest before I continue any more crocheting. He looks so cute!

Pocket ninja

Pocket ninja

I had this crochet-itch yesterday, wanted to crochet something small. I can't crochet much thanks to RA but my hands felt good so I looked for my hooks and some yarn and decided to try my hands on a ninja. After some work, this fellow turned out a bit bulky, but not too bad.

After I finished I went looking on the internet and found a whole new world of "amigurumi's" with patterns and photos. My heart now overflows with belated acknowledgment for the hours I slaved and slaved as a child to crochet cute little creatures. Finally, people get it! Perhaps I can still find them somewhere and make photos...

Warming up.

I drew my new waterbottle. In just about 15 minutes, the 21st SketchCrawl will start. I decided today to participate, although I won't go out and meet people and draw with them. Too ill still, so my participating will consist mostly of couch-drawing. Still, I want to try it, spend the entire day (or at least most of it) drawing and sketching. As a warm-up, I've drawn my waterbottle.

Spend most of the day cleaning up to prepare. So I better draw ;)

The cold, it has come.

Nano on ice. It got cold, which made my RA worse. Nano on the other hand seems to enjoy it. We had a little bit of snow this morning, and the pond nearby froze up. Unlike me, Nano does not fear the ice and she ran off, several metres onto the ice, looking around for ducks. They had left.

Preparing to re-enter the world of the working.

Yesterday wore me out, I fell asleep after dinner (again) and slept till morning (again) on the sofa (again, much warmer than the bedroom).

I spent most of the day continuing to not move much on the sofa. I did take a lot of time finding the perfect backpack for me. My other backpacks still work fine, so technically I probably shouldn't buy yet another one (but I still have less backpacks than most women purses or shoes! so ha). My daypack can hold up to 20 liters, which suffices for either groceries or going anywhere and bringing my own food and drinks (some of it at least), but not both at the same time, which means I can't decide to pop buy the store after work (I'll start work again soon, so I will want to buy food on my way home to save time and travel)

My other, slightly larger backpack, could probably do both, but borderline, with its (I think) 23 litres. It would get tight but would fit with not too many groceries. It feels a bit uncomfortable though, when it gets heavy. It's more or less very handy for clothes and laptop, but not so much for groceries. The hip-band doesn't do much for distributing the weight.

imgSo I found the Vaude Gallery Air. It holds about 30 litres (a bit much, yes) but has straps to tighten it, so it becomes more flat. It has a raincoat (yay) and can expand with an extra 5 litres (yay). It has a great back (I have the same thing on my really large backpack) so you can have ventilation between your back and the pack, or wear it tightly to your back. imgI needed a thermos (yes, needed, I don't drink as fast as normal people and with a thermos I can take my time and still enjoy a hot beverage), I looked around at Siggs and found the Metro Mug. It holds 380ml or 13oz which means I can take a pretty large amount of hot beverage or soup (maybe even stew) to work with me. Or, I bring soup, have that, and fill it up with hot tea and milk at work. Win-win! Mmmm tea with milk.

imgI also ordered a normal water bottle, even though I won't drink water from it. It comes with its own cup. I could use it for beverages that don't need to stay that hot or cold. It has an optional neoprene jacket to keep it cooler / warmer for a longer time, so I may purchase that if needed. Or, I could just fill it up with booze ;)

I have plenty of containers to bring food in, and after searching found a handy small ovendish that I'll bring along to work as well, in case I need to heat something up (I don't like heating stuff up in plastic, eek). I have several and should it break I won't cry over it.

So, my backpack survival kit will contain: - nifty backpack - Metro Mug, with soup or tea with milk (mmm) - waterbottle+cup with some other beverage - about 3 portions of food / snacks, either in mr Bento or in my separate containers - cuttelery (possibly getting a new set for this) - cloth/towel, for drying used stuff and wipe hands with (might just cut up an old t-shirt for this) - ziploc bag with medication (1 dose MTX, 1 dose folic acid, several naproxen / paracetamol, 2 dose of plaquenil, spare set of contacts, small bottle of disinfectant for hands, 2 sachets of ORS salts, 1 (lip)balm and I probably forgot something) - with the weather probably safe to add extra set of gloves, hat, scarf, jumper of some sort, extra pair of socks

Just the basics. At least I can say, I've come prepared...

At first I thought I wanted to bring too much, but the more I think about it, the more I know I've only listed the bare minimum.....

A drawing of food.

Vegetables . I had to make food, and after throwing it in the pan to warm up I started drawing and got distracted. I feel pretty good about how this turned out, I haven't done any drawing in ages (two or three months) because of my increased arthritis, and I found it didn't start hurting more when drawing this. Possibly caused by having a painkiller less than an hour before though :)