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Cleaning out my closet.

On friday I purchased some rollerboxes for under my bed, but they wouldn't fit so I had to return them. I then found out my favourite storing boxes will be on sale (and actually purchasable) in a discount supermarket nearby on Monday and though I won't get out my sleepingbag and sleep in front of the store to get them, I will make sure to go there on Monday. As an extra I found out that a discount store for home-stuff sells them as well, and currently don't have any in stock because they were on sale there last week.

Yes, I have an obsession with plastic boxes and yes, I have a very specific obsession. When find ones I like I want to have just those for certain purposes. For food-storage I use Ikea's Pruta because they're small containers hold exactly the right amount of food for me.

I also label my boxes, so I know what I can find in there without having to turn them upside down. Even with the transparent boxes this helps a lot to quickly find what I need.

Now, on to declutter the cabinet under the sink. If I feel brave I'll post before and after photos later on.