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Float .

I've had this one in my head for a long time. Even started painting it (with real paint, yes). I don't know why, but today I had to do something with it, suddenly.

So I did.

And she floats.

Gauntlets, or whatever you want to call them.

img img img

Annoyed with my too long trousers (happens often, I have short legs) I whipped out my trusty sewing-machine and fixed that problem in two minutes. Fold, sew, cut excess fabric, didn't bother with anything fancy (though it doesn't look very bad). I aim for a virtual no-viewing policy in that area, not sure if that'll work out, but we'll see. Don't know why anyone would go stare at my hems anyway.

So, while I had the machine out, I decided to make some arm-warmers / gauntlets / watchacallems to wear with my t-shirts. I simply took a bit of fabric in the desired length, measured the width of my hand (ex thumb), took the width twice and cut it out. Then I hemmed all sides to make it easier to handle, and after that folded it, sewing the long sides together with an opening for my thumb. Looking online I found an easy tutorial explaining almost exactly what I did (differences don't really matter anyway).

For fun, I also made myself a little reflector-wristband with push-buttons. Considering stitching something on it...

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Playing with photos.

A collection photos of my balconyThis past week I've mostly played around with my digital photos (I have so many...).

I bought the bundle at the MUPromo and it came with Posterino. Playing with it for a while I managed to create some cool collages of photos (from my balcony) and combining it with a template I made in Pixelmator I created a little card with a polaroid-effect. I may have overworked myself a little cause I went a little nuts with scanning paper for the effect and the colours and such. But at least I enjoyed it :)

In need for a goal. A clear goal.

I need a goal. I've been drawing more (will post actual drawings and sketches and doodles soon) recently, but where does it go? Though I like drawing for the sake of drawing, I also want to do more with it, but I have no clue what. Boyfriend said I should make a book, like Danny Gregory or Michael Nobbs. Well, he actually called them 'them lot' cause he forgets the names.

This sounds nice and all, but I feel I should have some kind of message, or something to say at least if I do that. I guess I don't really feel like I have that much to say (and you wonder why I still talk so much...).

I need a clear goal badly. Do I want to publish (self-publish) a book with my drawings? Should it have a theme then? What do I talk about? Where am I going with all this?

Routines, rituals and purpose.

Nano in the water. Today Nano and I walked to our default swimming-spot. She does the swimming, I just stand on the side. It got pretty warm so I sat on the grass as she hopped into the water and dragged herself to the mud. On our way home she rolled around on the grass and in more mud, which resulted in a trip to the bathroom after we came home. She did not enjoy that much, however, napping on the balcony in the sunshine seemed to make up for it.

While sitting in the grass I thought about Michael's post about routines. Like Michael I have worked on a drawing routine and routines in general. My life in general got pretty thrown upside down with the surgery and I still feel I haven't quite got my life back in order. Ever since surgery everything revolves around food and eating, or as my boyfriend recently said 'You're either preparing food, or trying to get and keep it in.'. I had little choice but to just do exactly that, as part of recovery. I make food, I eat, I drink, and I try to do things around that. Any type of routine I have, revolves around food.

Recently I've had this itch. I want to do more and especially do more drawing. Despite having a bit of trouble getting it into my daily routine, I want to, I have to do more drawing, more creative stuff. I want to get back to that situation where my schedule and routines don't revolve around food and eating, but the eating becomes a part of the routine itself, without being the routine itself. I do try to make food-preparation as creative as possible, by trying new recipes and making a nice lunch for the days I go to work. But it's still about food and eating. I need working routines, I'd love some inspiring rituals and I want some meaningful purpose in my life.

I need more than just food.

The drawing habit: day 9.

imgI did do some drawing today, just not the regular kind.

I wanted a handdrawn design on my website for quite some time, and then Michael Nobbs tweeted a site with a whole list of handdrawn designs. This of course meant I should get my act together and do it.

I spent the entire day doodling, and working with my graphic tablet. Soooo tired.

And so very happy with how it turned out!

I think everything works as it should, feel free to comment if it doesn't.

The drawing habit: day 6.

The bowl. For day 6 I drew my late evening food: a reheated portion of Wagamama's stir fried rice in my newly purchased bowl (which turned out exactly the right size, yaay!) I got a bit overly enthusiastic with the grains of rice, and drew them much too small but it looked so cool :D