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Ch-ch-ch-cherry blossom

My preciousssssss!I wanted this pen for a while and decided to treat myself to it. Its arrival experienced some delay (apparently, we have postal strikes) but it did arrive safe and sound eventually.

And it looks absolutely stunning in real life. The photos don't capture the shiny of the flowers very well, and it looks much better in daylight than it does in artificial light. I bought it for the pretty-factor, and much to my delight, it also writes well. I wrote several letters with it so far, and yes, after four pages my hand will hurt, but normally I don't even last four pages.

Some more photos of it, and its writing:






Currently inked.


Not very well lit but you get the idea. Not listed: platinum preppy with blue ghost and Waverley (in repair). And I have a TWSBi mini 1.1, not 1.5. Oops.

Attempting to copy the colour of DeA Plum


I love De Atramentis Plum, but can't easily get it in the NL/UK/EU. So, instead of having it shipped from the US, I attempted to copy it. I used several Noodler's ink I already have (Turquoise, 54th and Bad Blue Heron). Still have some tweaking to do, but like the overall result a lot!

New nib for my Waverley pen


The nib of the pen broke a while back, so I went looking for a new nib. I found one in the form of a 'sold for spare parts' Mabie Todd Blackbird. The nib had seen better times, tipping-wise. I did everything you shouldn't do, and now it writes again :D

Wild ducks.


And some tame ones too. They don't really seem to mind Nano and she only chases them on the grass. Sweet deal.