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TextMate (and blogging)

I blogged about TextMate before but I neglected to mention how much I've used it to actual blog (not that I blog that much). I've also used it to edit templates and CSS for my blog, working mostly with Cyberduck cause I just like my GUI. I do on occasion simply scp, but I really miss the visual tree I do get in Cyberduck (and other gui-ftp-tools). With the help of the GTDalt bundle and SVK (and the bundle in TextMate) I also get more things done and have managed to organise my files better. Though I do still spend a lot of time tweaking and geeking about :) The next item on my list: dejunk my closet. Which I shall do right now!

(if I feel like it I might post the amount of junk I removed from it later on)

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