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Recently I discovered Texmate, after searching for a nice text-editor for my mac. As I planned to save most of my personal files as plain text, I wanted something that could handle my needs and wants. I love a well implemented drawer and even though Textmate doesn't show a drawer by default, it does give me one with my Projects (aaah Projects! such a wonderful feature!).

I very much like the perl-bundle and the other programming bundles. Those make the cake. The icing, however, consists of the blogging bundle, the fact that while typing an e-mail I can press ^⌘E and the entire text goes into textmate where I can edit it, the fact that I can use snippets to easily create replies to e-mails without having to type the same paragraphs over and over (yes, I know about mailtemplate, it just doesn't do it for me), and that I can learn about handy little macros on other blogs.

Now, only mission left for today, making manager/todo.sh not display colours for done items.

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