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Reviving the worm-bin

worms escaping

Six years ago I purchased a wormbin and fed the wrigglers my kitchenscraps. Due to health-problems (not sleeping well) they got ignored for the past year or two. Occasionally I'd feed them but most of the time I simply forgot about them.

worm egg

Now that I started sleeping better I decided to revive the bin. Despite all the neglect, some worms actually survived. I found about 20 wrigglers and a few eggs. Once I picked them out I added a small bit of food to the bin to lure the once I missed. After a day or three, none has shown so I think I got them all.


The worms lived in a small container for a day while I prepared their new home. I got a few Klämtare boxes and used my drill to drill some holes. For the lower container I used a 2mm drill, for the top one 6mm.

newspaper coconut fiber

I added some newspaper to the bottom to prevent instant fall through and then I added hydrated coconut fiber to that.

After that the worms moved in. I haven't added breather holes to the lid yet because it doesn't close very tight.

The worms seem happy, they immediately started eating the courgette I put in.

To make sure they can process the amount of scraps I produce, I purchased 150gr of extra worms. It would take a really long time to have them reproduce up to that point.

Not entirely sure about the size of the box but if needed, I'll move them to a bigger home.

Worms (the earth kind)


Last week my new worm-bin arrived. Even though you can easily make them yourself, I decided to go for a prepared bin because I don't have that much excess energy.

I set it up according to the instructions and held a few of the worms. They haven't grown to their full size yet, I think, measuring only 5-8cm roughly (2 to 3 inches). They wriggle a lot and I fed them some cabbage and teabags.

I've only had them for a week so I don't know how it will go. I do like them though, always wanted a worm-bin as a kid. I remember this time my mother and I got up really early to look for them and to dig them up. She let me do crazy things like that ;)

I made a page about the worms with some freehand drawings and the actual bin. The bin drawing ended up a bit wonky due to the tendinitis in my neck and me shifting position. Close enough though.