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New shoes

My new shoes.

I needed new shoes. I don't own many so when I say 'need', I do mean need.

I had proper bad weather shoes and a pair of awesome teva sandals that I loved wearing during warm weather. The sandals had one big issue: my insoles don't fit. I have special insoles, specifically made for my weird feet to help prevent pains. The few times I wore my sandals this year I ended up with hurting feet -- even after only two hours. So I went on a mission to get other summer-y shoes. These will fit my insoles, didn't cost a fortune and I like them because they look a little weird.

Also, they look great for drawing.

Visited the podiatrist (and took some photos on the way)

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I went to visit my podiatrist for the first time, after my rheumatologist referred me, due to ongoing pains in my toes despite lack of arthritis (actual inflammations). I had to take of my shoes and walk around a bit, and she did some pushing and pulling and feeling in general.

At one point I had to press up and down against her arm with my feet, which didn't go very well. I have a lot less strength in my feet than I should, to the point where she expected me to trip over my own feet almost constantly. I don't because I pay a lot of attention to how I walk so I don't trip (which in turn eats up lots of energy too). She suggested getting a good physiotherapist and luckily for me I already got a referral for that yesterday. In the end, it turns out I have inflamed nerves and I'll get inlays to help relax my feet a bit so the pain goes away (a little). She made it clear that it won't do miracles, and I chose to go ahead with it anyway.

It appears we got my RA under control, and I have all these side-things that make me hurt anyway. Heads you win, tails I lose...