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Trying some left-handed things...

Lefthanded, lefthanded, righthanded.

I've had problems crocheting with my right hand for a while, because my wrist and elbow often get inflamed. I decided to try my hand on some left-handed crocheting. My first try went slow and turned into a wobbly square (pictured on the left). I made one with my right hand (pictured on the right) because I couldn't quite remember the pattern. It turned out I made a mistake in the pattern so I did another one with left (pictured in the middle) which went a lot better.

More chrochet madness. After a break I made a hexagon, which also went pretty well. Really pleased with how easily I switched to using left, even though it goes much slower (the hexagon took me an hour) but I suspect it'll improve over time. I also need to relax my hand a bit more.