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Found my little booklet

new drawingsAfter some searching I managed to find my little booklet. I got out my pens and started drawing. I had a hard time drawing my keys. My dog kept on interrupting me because she didn't like that I had more attention for my silly pen and some paper than for her. She tried chewing on my pen while I drew and I finally managed to distract her long enough with some treats.

Backpack . I've had this backpack for I while, but had never drawn it before. During a cleaning-spree I found little Kenny-the-keychain and hung him on my backpack. He frequently suffers attack from my dog and other dogs, that love to check him out, leaving me screaming "OH MY GOD, DON'T KILL KENNY!!". I don't scream too often though.

Very happy with how the backpack turned out.

Hand-carved rubberstamp

My first carved stamp. A while back I ordered some tools for carving. I also bought a rubber eraser to carve in. My first try-out for a hand-carved rubber stamp turned out pretty good.


Bag I bought this shoulderbag in some shop at the airport on my way to Rome. I drew it while we flew there.


KatI crossed the line with this drawing... I never dared to draw over the fold.


img I remembered this drawing after getting an itsy bitsy spider on my head, crawling down my face, down my arm. Now, I don't hate spiders, but having one crawl over me like that... brr I sent my dog after it, but it hid under the sofa where the dog couldn't reach it. She did try ;)