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Cleared desk.

So empty...

I spent 15 minute batches clearing and cleaning the desk and it went surprisingly well. The windowsill had (a lot) of dirt on it and some dead bugs, so I let my all-purpose cleaner do its magic -- spray on, leave for 10 minutes or so, and then wipe off. Works like a charm.

I'll have to figure out what to put where, for easy access, and I want all my creative stuff together. This means I need room for my pens, notebooks, yarn, needles, camera and such, and possible my seed-collection. It would make sense keeping that all together...

Progress cleaning out the desk.

Desk .

I've spent a few 10/15 minute dashes clearing out the desk. I got rid of some stuff and put other stuff in a better place. Found some sketchbooks in the process. I've almost got it cleared out and might even buy a chair tomorrow.

The side part slides in, very handy.

Do I need a desk for my creativity?

Moved furniture.

Hidden on the left part of that photo you may (or probably not) see my desk. I have stuff on it and under and next to it. Though I did tidy up the rest a bit (really!), my desk has remained a collection of... things...

I don't remember if I've ever really used it.

Right now I barely do creative stuff, and I wondered. Do I need a desk? Do I need a dedicated place in my flat to burst out into creative outbursts? A place away from my sofa and laptop. A place only for creative stuff (with a nice view of the park, I may add). You'd think I could do without, that I could do creative stuff everywhere. Do I use this as an excuse to not do anything creative (because the desk has so much stuff on it, I couldn't possibly do anything really creative), or do I deny myself a calm area for my creativity (because I don't get myself in that mode linked to the desk)?

I think my brain will implode soon. Advice needed!

p.s. I don't even have a proper chair and I would really need a proper chair...