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KatI crossed the line with this drawing... I never dared to draw over the fold.


img I remembered this drawing after getting an itsy bitsy spider on my head, crawling down my face, down my arm. Now, I don't hate spiders, but having one crawl over me like that... brr I sent my dog after it, but it hid under the sofa where the dog couldn't reach it. She did try ;)

Bright colours


Currently, I have these colours in my paintbox, in this order. I still have four openings (maybe 5, I also have chinese white in a tube) and wonder what colours to add. What colours shall I add? I think I could use some orange, a lighter blue-purple and maybe some darker greyer brown and green. Ideas?

the new

the new

My new, larger paintbox. With new bright colours that I feel nervous about using.