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My camera has started to break down. I currently have a Canon Powershot A620 and it served me well for nearly four years. Currently, the memory-card bit doesn't work properly. The card doesn't click in and if I take it out the camera doesn't recognise the card half the time I put it back. I've dug up the cable and now get the photos from the camera by the cable (a nuisance).

I looked into other cameras and now have my eye on the Canon Powershot SX20 IS. I like Canon, and have had a few in the past and like the menu and the way it works. This model seemed a good step up from the A620 but not yet as massive as a DSLR. I don't have anything with DSLRs in general. And knowing me I'll get sand on the sensor on the first day and ruin the camera because it scratches.

I won't buy it just yet, probably in June.

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