geekery, drawing and then some

A drawing to end a day of hard work.

Blue cocktail.

Today I had a good day and I decided to hoover -- yes, 'hoover', I actually have a Hoover -- the sofa. This always takes a bit of work with all the pillows to move around. I figured that as long as I had to move them, I might as well wash the pillow-cases. It took me all day, but I aired out the pillows on the balcony, washed the pillow-cases, hoovered the entire sofa and the floor under and around, mopped the floor and put everything back together. I took lots of breaks and drank a lot and ate in between too, but I managed it.

At the end of the day, I decided to make myself a nice cocktail, and for extra kicks I added some blue food-colouring to it. Sometimes you just need a little extra colour!

I then decided to draw it; it turned out wonky, as all my cocktail drawings do, but still. Bad drawing beats no drawing.

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