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Markdown links in TextMate

My blogging-life became a lot easier with Markdown, which in turn became easy to use with TextMate. I don't really like the inline linking style, I much more prefer the reference linking style. To keep myself sane I would ofcourse need some nifty TextMate magic to do so. It only took a little bit of googling to find the solution. Dr. Drang explains it clearly at his blog. Make sure to check both this and this link to create your own macro in TextMate. The second link has some additions to the first one, making the reference numbers automatic.

After that, check out the third follow-up to create a macro that lets you select a word and create a reference link (cause no doubt, you sometimes read back and think 'Damn, I should link that!').

So, you get the idea, and you want more! Checkout the next follow-up on how to create a reference link by selecting a word and letting your little macro do a 'I feel lucky!' google-lookup.

I love computers.

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