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Hiveminder.com, and why I like it.

After playing around with the lovely todo.sh I decided to make the switch to hiveminder. This web-based application now has command line support. In fact, it'll take my old todo.txt and convert it to hiveminder-tasks. This didn't go extremely smoothly, my tags ended up in the task description, all in all, it worked.

Hiveminder.com has also started to support repeating tasks which I very much appreciate. I hadn't figured out a good way to do that on my command-line and now I can never forget to take my pills on Monday, woohoo.

What I appreciate a lot (maybe even most) about hiveminder : the ability to make tasks dependant on each-other and the fact that the depending task does not appear unless you've done the main task. I will not see 'fold laundry' before I have actually checked off 'wash clothes'. Yaay for that!

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