Mini-sketchcrawl, May 16th.

Yesterday the second sketchcrawl of 2010 took place. I missed out on it because I got ill after doing some gardening on the balcony. To make up for it -- because I really wanted to do it -- I did a mini sketchcrawl on my own today. Perhaps even during May 15th somewhere on this planet still...

I drew some plants, some of which I've drawn before. I also drew my flowerpress, which I've also drawn before.

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The other cucumberplant-drawing I refer to and the earlier flowerpress drawing:

Flowerpress Drawing of plants.

The drawing habit: day 8.

Published on 04 April 2009

After a week of drawing I suddenly didn't draw for a few days. Not sure why, I just had all these other things to do suddenly. I decided to draw something I wanted to draw for a while, but thought would be too hard to draw.

Pretty satisfied with how Zoji turned out. I call him Zoji 'cause we're very good friends.

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Some random drawings.

Published on 30 January 2009

Fatboy & Pooh

Published on 01 September 2006