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Posts for December 6, 2013

Planning the planner

Colourcoding in my planner.I have taken some time recently to work out what works best for me and my planner. I have a Leuchtturm1917 Weekly Planner, and though I love the paper -- almost all my fountainpens and inks work great on it -- the layout of the week has started to bug me. I just can't do only three lines on a Saturday / Sunday...

So, I once again ordered a Plannerism Planner, in teal. It has super-awesome weekly layout! Every day gets a full column so no more trying to squeeze a lot of stuff into a tiny box!

One thing I do want to bring to this PlPl: in the Leuchtturm, whenever I wrote down an appointment (medical, dinner with friends, visiting family) I'd draw a tiny line in the matching colour on the annual overview pages. I colour-code my type of appointments and this makes it very easy to see, at a glance, if I risk overbooking myself. It also lets me use my pink glitter gell-pen (FTW!) to mark days that I don't want to do anything more in.