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Posts for May 17, 2011


One might think I went a little overboard on the plants this year.

I've planted all my seedlings outside because the weather permitted it. We've had a lot of sun, very summer-y, for the past month or so. I did however appreciate the amount of rain we got this week and my plants did too.

Every year I seem to end up with a lot more plants than I can place, especially because I also get some plants from TG's father who has an allotment and usually plenty of extra seedlings. I have about eight extra tomato-plants, on top of the ten or so I had already grown myself. I also got some lettuce and greens which comes in handy because my saladboxes seem to have stunted (probably the heat, the saladboxes seem to thrive in typical Dutch weather -- rain and a bit of sun). I'll resow them and see if I get some tasty greens out of them.

I also received some melon-plants. I wonder how to deal with those...