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Posts for July 17, 2010

Finding lost things

Drawing of my leatherman micra

Today I rummaged through my rucksack looking for a bottle of vitamins I thought I bought and didn't find it -- I still don't know if I actually bought it. When I dug into one of its pockets I felt an unfamiliar cold shape and took it out.

Surprise! My leatherman micra, lost for years. I bought it at the start at my eurotrip, thinking it would come in handy. It has a pair of scissors that did proof useful for opening food packages and such. After returning home, I misplaced it for a little while and then found it shortly after I moved.

And then I misplaced it again.

Its empty cardboard box lay on my nightstand, for years, as a reminder of it. At times I googled the type, thinking of purchasing another one, but never did.

And today, I found it.

I think I'll put it on my keyring.