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Posts for May 2, 2010

Geeking out with twitter and flickr stuff

Recently I found a php script by Chris Morrel which allows you to post photos to flickr (and get the correct flic.kr short url back) from Tweetie 2. I tweaked it a little to get used hashtags as flickr-tags and to have them removed from the title (the script uses the message as the title).

Right after:

$tags = FLICKR_TAGS;
$tags .= ' @' . $_POST['username'];

I added:

preg_match_all('/#(\w+)/', $title, $matches);
foreach ($matches[1] as &$tag) {
    $tags .= ' ' . $tag;
$title = preg_replace("/#\w+/i", '', $title);

It worked as I wanted, so yay!