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Optimising my blog

To make my blog easier to navigate and fix some issues I had with the lay-out or how things worked in general, I looked into optimising as much as possible. I installed the plugin to make it easier to view my website on a phone-browser. With the help of Joost’s guide to Wordpress SEO I tweaked more things, including making my urls shorter (I like that), upgraded my theme to allow the new threaded comments in Wordpress 2.7, installing a plugin to check on old links that may not work because of the changes I made and a pager at the bottom to more easily navigate to older pages.

Apart from this I also installed several of Joost’s plugins because very handily he had made the ones I looked for (social bookmarks, breadcrumbs).

Lastly, I went and made a favicon that fits me. Anyone recognise it? :)

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