geekery, drawing and then some


Dog Toy

Dog ToyNano loves this toy, we play with it on a daily basis. She learned to catch it in the air (sometimes) and gets really excited when I take it out to play.

Found my little booklet

new drawingsAfter some searching I managed to find my little booklet. I got out my pens and started drawing. I had a hard time drawing my keys. My dog kept on interrupting me because she didn’t like that I had more attention for my silly pen and some paper than for her. She tried chewing on my pen while I drew and I finally managed to distract her long enough with some treats.

Backpack . I’ve had this backpack for I while, but had never drawn it before. During a cleaning-spree I found little Kenny-the-keychain and hung him on my backpack. He frequently suffers attack from my dog and other dogs, that love to check him out, leaving me screaming “OH MY GOD, DON’T KILL KENNY!!”. I don’t scream too often though.

Very happy with how the backpack turned out.


I have misplaced my little booklet to draw in. I can’t draw that much these days but I wanted to, and then I couldn’t find my little booklet. Must find it!

Markdown links in TextMate

My blogging-life became a lot easier with Markdown, which in turn became easy to use with TextMate. I don’t really like the inline linking style, I much more prefer the reference linking style. To keep myself sane I would ofcourse need some nifty TextMate magic to do so. It only took a little bit of googling to find the solution. Dr. Drang explains it clearly at his blog. Make sure to check both this and this link to create your own macro in TextMate. The second link has some additions to the first one, making the reference numbers automatic.

After that, check out the third follow-up to create a macro that lets you select a word and create a reference link (cause no doubt, you sometimes read back and think ‘Damn, I should link that!’).

So, you get the idea, and you want more! Checkout the next follow-up on how to create a reference link by selecting a word and letting your little macro do a ‘I feel lucky!’ google-lookup.

I love computers.

I only abandoned my site a little bit…

Painting I made in 2007

Getting back on my feet from my little RA-blow takes a bit longer than expected. I have received medication that works (fabulously) and all seemed to go well again, until this itsy bitsy thing with a low amount of white blood-cells popped up, which made the doctors stop the medication. My white count went up again, so last week I restarted treatment, yaay.

I have not completely abandoned my creative projects either, I have made some nice photos and I started the painting in the picture (stuck with it now, though). I also have bought a sewing machine and managed to sew up a skirt, a dress and a top. It just goes a bit slow.

TextMate (and blogging)

I blogged about TextMate before but I neglected to mention how much I’ve used it to actual blog (not that I blog that much). I’ve also used it to edit templates and CSS for my blog, working mostly with Cyberduck cause I just like my GUI. I do on occasion simply scp, but I really miss the visual tree I do get in Cyberduck (and other gui-ftp-tools). With the help of the GTDalt bundle and SVK (and the bundle in TextMate) I also get more things done and have managed to organise my files better. Though I do still spend a lot of time tweaking and geeking about :) The next item on my list: dejunk my closet. Which I shall do right now!

(if I feel like it I might post the amount of junk I removed from it later on)

Hand-carved rubberstamp

My first carved stamp. A while back I ordered some tools for carving. I also bought a rubber eraser to carve in. My first try-out for a hand-carved rubber stamp turned out pretty good.

Becoming a pirate

In October 2006 my new doctor told me I had rheumatoid arthritis. I had experienced frequent pains in my hands and my feet in the months before and my lung-specialist referred me to a rheumatologist. I have since said good-bye to the lung-specialist, not my lungs but my stomach has caused the ongoing cough which made me visit him. I have not yet said good-bye to the rheumatologist and I most likely will not for a long time.

Hearing I have rheumatoid arthritis did come as a bit of shock, even if I knew I had something (the frequent pains and morning stiffness certainly didn’t fit my age (fyi: 27)). We started treatment straight away and I now take 15mg of methotrexate weekly. Methotrexate started out as a treatment for cancer (and falls under ‘chemo’) and works well against auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Though different people have different experiences, by default, doctors start with methotrexate to stop the disease in its tracks and prevent (further) damage. It has worked but the effect seems to have started to wear off. Nothing to panic about, I have more doctors appointments next week.

I read up a little about rheumatoid arthritis and found that currently, doctors want to treat it as soon as possible because they want to prevent damage to the joints, which apparently can and does occur in the first two years of the disease. I also found out that rheumatoid arthritis does not only affect the joints, it can also cause complications in the eyes and mouth and several other parts of the human body. Due to its nature, it also cause general problems such as fatigue, concentration problems, forgetfulness, sleeping problems, change of appetite. The side-effects of the medications for the disease can also cause and/or worsen these problems.

Of course I found a few sites with stories of people with rheumatoid arthritis and most of them I honestly found very depressing. I strongly believe that your mindset with a chronic illness/condition can help you a lot. It can also sabotage you should you have lost hope and consider your condition a ‘delayed death-sentence’. Some days you feel bad, some days you feel good. I believe the focus should lie on the good days.

Yes, I have cried and felt really bad. Yes, I have had terrible pain one of which made me end up in the ER at Christmas. Later we discovered it had nothing to do with the rheumatoid arthritis, and it could have happened to anyone. The frustration the pain and the limited movability brings has brought me to tears and in a very sad mood. And I refuse to let it become more than that. I will not let it go beyond ‘a very sad mood’. I will not stay home and soak in my own tears and not work and feel bad. I get out of bed every morning, sometimes it just takes very long.

In the end, the result counts. The ‘how’ only counts if I found a really cool and creative way to do a seemingly easy task. Anything I used to do, I can still do. It may take longer, but I can still do. And that, I’ll never give up.

As for the title of this post: if in a year or two or twenty, my legs got damaged, and I started to limp, if my eyes got affected and I can’t really see, if my hair falls out from the medication, I’ll buy a bandana, and wear an eye-patch. I’ll limp through live either with or without a wooden leg. I’ll buy a parrot, and go sail the warm seas.

I’ll become a pirate.