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Little books

Filled up IBC003 and started IBC004

I have filled up three little books with my Inkblobs. The fourth has the writing on the outside and no drawings yet.

I think I’ll fill it up pretty soon and then on to the fifth. And a sixth, and probably a seventh and so on.

Clearing out my bookshelves, just in case I have lots of them next year. One has to prepare for these things :)


One might think I went a little overboard on the plants this year.

I’ve planted all my seedlings outside because the weather permitted it. We’ve had a lot of sun, very summer-y, for the past month or so. I did however appreciate the amount of rain we got this week and my plants did too.

Every year I seem to end up with a lot more plants than I can place, especially because I also get some plants from TG’s father who has an allotment and usually plenty of extra seedlings. I have about eight extra tomato-plants, on top of the ten or so I had already grown myself. I also got some lettuce and greens which comes in handy because my saladboxes seem to have stunted (probably the heat, the saladboxes seem to thrive in typical Dutch weather — rain and a bit of sun). I’ll resow them and see if I get some tasty greens out of them.

I also received some melon-plants. I wonder how to deal with those…

Happy drawings

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This week I made two drawings for two family-related projects. I don’t think any of my family reads my site anyway, so I’ll post them here tonight (they’ll see them tomorrow)

I’ve started to get the hang of colouring the background before the foreground. Usually I want to jump right ahead to the fun parts in the foreground, colour those and make them look nice.

Doing the background first brings on a new challenge. Before I based my background-colour on what I used in the foreground. Having to start with the background means I have to think more about the colours I use in the foreground, and I don’t always do that.

Ah well, still learning, I guess ;)

I like these drawings.



I’ve trained a lot over the past months and I have finished up the official part of my physical therapy. I started out with cycling on my stationary bike for a mere minute or two and worked my way up to some sort-of-serious cycling. I do still need to take breaks every five to ten minutes because I get tired, and I certainly need to keep myself from overdoing it, but I can do some cycling.

Roughly six weeks ago, when the cycling started to look better and improving my health a bit, I ordered myself a Brompton bike 1 . I took six weeks to arrive, in which I cycled and cycled. Then, a week ago, I finally received the call that the bike arrived and naturally I rushed to the bike-shop 2 . I rushed a bit too fast as they still had to prepare my bike and do their regular tests. I waited patiently while they preformed their tests, and they kindly attached my bike-computer and bike-cage.

I hopped on it, and cycled home from the shop; a good 7.2 kilometres. I took breaks and walked while I crossed some streets because I couldn’t handle all the traffic. Before that day I hadn’t cycled in a little over ten years, an amazing event in this country ;) Halfway I stopped checking the map and cycled on instinct and mostly little signs that pointed to my neighbourhood. I happily arrived home, having seen more of my neighbourhood than I normally do.

Since last week I’ve cycled lots. Too much actually, and I crashed a bit a few days ago. I do like that I cycled so much and I really love my bike. It gives me more freedom to go places. I have cycled to the nearby shopping center, which I usually go to by bus. When I take the bus it takes me five minutes to get to the bus-stop, then I sit in the bus for fifteen minutes (after usually waiting for at least five minutes), and then I walk a few minutes more. By bike, it takes ten minutes–which of course doesn’t include taking the bike down and storing it somewhere upon arrival.

We’ve had great weather the last week, and both Nano and I enjoy taking the bike out and going for a ride. She can sit in the front basket (hooked up in her harness) or runs beside it.

So far, my bike has made my year :D

  1. In case you wonder why I bought a folding bike and not a proper bike: I do not have any storage in my building which means the bike has to stand somewhere inside my flat. A brompton folds up nicely into my hallway-cupboard

  2. I got my bike at Tromm Tweewielers, a very nice bike-shop in Amsterdam. 

Still drawing

Swing !

I haven’t done much drawing but I did do a happy one recently that I haven’t posted yet.

I drew this one on a rainy day right after a really sunny day. Aaah, sunshine! Swings!